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Updated: 06-Oct-2005

Carl Zeiss MicroImaging December 2008 - Present
Sr. Software Engineer - I lead a team of 5 engineers. I am responsible for several products to include Mirax Digital Slide Desktop (MDSD) and Mirax Slide Publisher (MSP). MDSD is a web based digital slide management application. This application allows pathologists to create cases/studies, organize meta-data and do image analysis. MDSD is a true object-oriented application and was rewritten from the ground up using v3.5 of the .NET Framework. It is a data driven AJAX enabled application with content management and administration tools including authentication, authorization, and access control. I am responsible for designing and architecting the software and database. MSP is a WinForm application which allows pathologist to create media sets (CD/DVD/Blu-Ray) for publishing purposes. I utilized Visual Studio, .NET Framework v2.0 and v3.5, ASP.NET AJAX, Microsoft Enterprise Library, Telerik controls, DotNetBar and SQL Server 2005/2008. We are currently using Agile Software Development process.

SmarterSolutions October 2004 - December 2007
Principal - Several contracts with most utilizing the .NET platform. The 2 largest projects were written using the .NET 2.0 framework and SQL Server 2005. One application is a paid insertion search engine; the other application is a paid advertising system similar to Google AdWords and AdSense. Both applications have billing, accounting and administrator modules, with backend processes for content editing and video creation. Some of the other projects I work on include an XML-RPC/.NET/SQL Server/Flash calendar application with complete content management backend for Target; Reporting Services system with custom reports running from SQL Server and Oracle for Crazy Shirts in Hawaii; A winform purchase order application using Visual Basic .NET and an Oracle backend; ASP.NET/SQL Server paperless medical record application for a learning disability company (DDAT) in England; ASP.NET/MS Access job site for a recruiting company; ASP.NET/SQL Server image management application for a company that makes graphics for news stations to show during stories. I also continued work for Trestle Corporation which was purchased by Clarient Inc. in June of 2006 and acquired by Carl Zeiss in March of 2007. I continued my contract through both buyouts.

Trestle Corporation October 2001 - October 2004
Sr. Software Engineer - Development on Trestle’s two core applications, MedMicro (Tele-Pathology) and MedReach (Tele-Medicine). On MedMicro I work with the creation, storage and display of large (30GB+ uncompressed) images using different formats. I architected and coded the Image Management application using the .NET platform, XML and SQL Server - a web based 'Digital Slide' manager. In addition to the image management, I also designed and coded a .NET winform application similar to Photoshop for our digital slides. I also design and developed tools and utilities using the .NET platform to aid in the development of the core C++ application. The MedReach platform consists of ASP, COM, SQL Server and client side VB Script. I designed and coded new features for this application, as well as troubleshot and fixed bugs. I also developed and maintained a variety of internal tools using the .NET platform, ASP, COM and SQL Server. These tools help in the sales, support and operation processes of our company.

AltaVista Company / Compaq August 1998 - October 2001
Engineering Manager Web/HTML (AltaVista Europe) - Managed the Front End team for Europe. My team was responsible for the development of core features, HTML, scripting templates and the tools needed to bring up new international sites and maintain current ones. We had sites in 24 different languages and 5 different encodings, all running on one platform. Completed migration of all the sites from a C++/NSAPI using a proprietary scripting language platform to one using Java and webmacro scripting language (the current is running on this platform). Both platforms handled all data in UTF-8 and output was UTF-8 or the user's local encoding. These sites were focused on search and search related features. All sites were built from one template which has the strings extracted. The tools were used for tasks such as string extraction, inserting and updating translations, template generation and converting files from one encoding to another. They were developed using ASP, VB, C++ and SQL Server. I gained invaluable experience in internationalization and localization while working on this platform in Europe.

Sr. Software Engineer (AltaVista - Lead engineer on the web team. Led the development of two highly dynamic and scalable e-commerce sites that received several million hits a day using COM, ASP, MTS, IIS, SQL Server and other tools. One was a typical online retailer e-commerce site, and the other was a service (product guide) site similar to Diagnosed problems across all platforms and code bases. Implemented and maintained source control across several development groups. Designed and developed a custom content management tool which provided messaging for more than 80% of the site. Transferred to AltaVista Europe in July 2000.

Internet Manager (Compaq) - Development work on the Presario store using Site Server, COM, ASP, MTS, IIS SQL Server and other tools. Worked on the online 'configurator' for the Compaq Presario line used in the store. Development on the Compaq redirect .dll, which was used for the buttons on the specialized Internet Compaq keyboard and is still in use today. Developed the first prototype of, utilizing Microsoft P&M. Transferred to AltaVista in March 1999.

The Hundley Group / Internet Strategy, Inc. August 1997 - August 1998
Internet Developer - Designed and programmed dynamic Internet/Intranet sites with database connectivity using IIS, ASP, VB, VB Script, Java Script, Java, MTS, ADO, Visual Source Safe, Homesite, Visual InterDev and RDBMS (Oracle, MS SQL Server, etc.). Programmed COM objects in VB used with both ASP and back end VB processes for E-Commerce and other functionality. Developed socket-based applications to transmit/receive data via TCP/IP. Network Administrator in a multiple Windows NT server environment including DNS, DHCP, WINS, Firewall (GNAT Box), Proxy and MS Exchange. Designed, built and installed server configurations for many of our clients.

Enterprise Technology Automation, Inc. April 1996 - August 1997
Director Internet/Networking & Product Manager - Managed the Internet and networking side of the company. Responsibilities included installing and configuring LANs using Novell, Windows 3.1, '95, NT, UNIX, and VMS. Custom web page development using the latest tools that included PERL, Visual Basic, Java, iBasic, and Cold Fusion. Custom Developed Visual Basic applications specializing with Access, SQL Server, and Oracle databases. Responsible for the entire network and workstations including security, back up procedures, hardware and software. Maintenance of Novell and Windows NT servers including the following software - DNS, POP3 Mail server, Wildcat v5.0 Support BBS, and many others. Acted as Product Manager for in house software applications.

Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. September 1994 - March 1996
Workstation Support Coordinator - Provided support for 150 users on PC/Macintosh Wide Area Network with several Novell and Windows NT file servers. PCs and MAC's included those connected to scientific equipment in the labs. Network account administration on Novell, Unix, VMS and Windows NT. Managed technicians in the day-to-day responsibilities of software and hardware support of the workstations and servers. Responsible for the company's phone and voice mail system (Intertel and Active Voice respectively). Maintained the standards for hardware and software. Coordinated and approved all purchases pertaining to computers. Provided training on the company's software standards and custom developed applications to new employees. Maintained records on software licenses to ensure compliance.

United States Marine Corps December 1988 - September 1992
Radar Technician - Installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of electronic systems including Radar, Interrogator/ID, Decoder, and Display equipment. Duties included hands-on evaluation and resolution of equipment problems, teardown and reinstallation of hardware, and performance of routine maintenance.

.NET both Visual Basic and C#, AJAX, Visual Basic, Active Server Pages, Cold Fusion, VB Script, Java Script, HTML, AJAX, XML, PERL, Java, JSP, SQL, Access, Oracle, SQL Server, UNIX, Novell, MS-DOS, MS-Windows, MS Office applications, and a variety of other programs and utilities.


  • Tack - Effective Supervisory Management Part II (London, England) May 2001
  • Tack - Effective Supervisory Management Part I (London, England) January 2001
  • Windows World Open Winner April 1999 - The custom application I wrote for a Biotech company won the Windows World Open in the Healthcare category. It later became a Microsoft case study which can be seen here

  • San Diego State University - Computer Science 1993-1996
  • Palomar College - Computer Science Core 1991- 1993
  • Novell NetWare - CNA July 1995
  • USMC Training - 40 weeks Aviation Radar Repair