FREE Literature

The following are some free articles and literature you are free to download or print.

Key to Understanding the Bible

This article covers the fundamentals of Bible understanding concerning the plan and purpose of the God of Israel with the earth and man.


Your Share in God’s Promises

This article describes how all men and women can share in the promises made by God to Abraham and David, which have been ratified and made new by Christ.


World Destiny – as Revealed by Daniel the Prophet

This article provides an overview of the prophetic word, as it was revealed to Daniel over 2,000 years ago.


The Kingdom of God on Earth

This article describes what the Kingdom of God will be in the future, when the Lord Jesus Christ returns to the earth to sit on the throne of David.


The Miracle of the Bible

This article shows how miraculous a thing it is that we have the Bible today, to read and gain understanding about the promises God has made.


The Cross of Christ

This article discusses the nature of Christ’s sacrifice and how he has redeemed us from our bondage to sin and death.


Christ is Coming!

This article discusses the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to the earth to fulfill the promises made to Abraham and David, and establish a righteous Kingdom of peace.


Why Does God Allow Suffering?

There is so much suffering all over the world.  This article discusses the problem and source of mankind’s suffering, as well as what the God of Israel plans to do about it!


The Devil and Satan Defined

This article describes the scriptural definition of the terms Devil and Satan, and how we can be freed from bondage through the sacrifice of Christ.


Raised to Judgement

This article discusses the hope of resurrection from the dead for all who believe the promises made of God to the patriarchs of Israel.



The following are some booklets in PDF format that you can freely download and read.

Elpis Israel

This booklet describes in detail the hope that God has purposed in His declaration of the Gospel to Abraham and David through the Covenants of Promise.


This booklet discusses the concept of God manifestation in the plan and purpose of God with man.